Firmware 101

Many consumer electronic devices, including digital cameras, are programmed with firmware, which is comprised of the instructions your camera requires to operate. Without firmware, your camera cannot function.

It is important to update your camera’s firmware regularly. While firmware cannot add new hardware capabilities to your camera, firmware can certainly reprogram your camera to work in new ways with its existing hardware. Firmware updates commonly add support to interact with other devices (cameras, lenses, GPS units, new memory card technologies, etc.). It can improve the user experience by changing how your camera reads light, focuses, processes color, and much more. Firmware can also fix bugs and improve overall stability when required, as well as add brand new features and functions that don’t require new hardware.

RICOH IMAGING regularly updates the firmware of current products when needed, so check back on the RICOH IMAGING website periodically to see if your camera’s firmware is out of date and needs to be updated. Firmware updates are always free to owners of RICOH IMAGING equipment.