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RICOH GR Digital IV Black

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GR Digital IV Version 2.21

Version 2.21 adds the following enhanced features:
    1. An Auto option has been added to Dynamic range compensation.
    2. Improvements have been made to MAX noise reduction to reduce color noise at high ISO sensitivities (ISO 2500 or above).
    3. If you zoom in on a picture taken using target selection, the view will be centered on the target.

* The detailed information is available in a downloadable PDF document.

Modifications and changes:
    (1) Addressed an issue that caused the camera to sometimes not detect Eye-Fi cards at startup.
    (2) Addressed an issue that resulted in auto power off sometimes failing to function following a multiple exposure.
    (3) Addressed an issue that caused the view through the lens to be displayed during interval timer photography when the monitor was off.
    (4) The copyright information entered using the Copyright notice option in the setup menu now appears in the headers of DNG (RAW) files.
    (5) Addressed an issue which occasionally resulted in the shutter-speed display in the monitor not changing when the ADJ. lever was used to adjust shutter speed in interval composite mode.
    (6) Addressed an issue that resulted in an incorrect aperture being stored with interval composite mode options saved to My Settings.
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