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Shooting the Las Vegas Strip by Night

Shooting the Las Vegas Strip by Night

To shoot long duration night images, always use a solid tripod, and an electronic shutter release to minimize vibration. If you don’t have one choose the 2 second delay in the Frame Advance menu.  A lengthy shutter speed will better record the taillights of traffic on the Las Vegas Strip, and add both a field of hot directional color and a sense of time passing to your image.

Meter off the brightest zone or point that must have real detail and adjust your exposure as necessary using the +/- Exposure Compensation function.  Check your capture data using the histogram to keep your highlights in range.  Night images can have extreme contrast so capturing the entire RAW file can give you a better final image than recording only the Jpeg.

Finally, simplify your composition and fill the frame with strong shapes and count on the red streaks to move the viewer’s eye into and thru the frame.  You’ll have a winner every time.