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PENTAX K-7 Voted Readers' Choice Camera 2009 by Adorama Learning Center Readers

Small, rugged, innovative digital SLR camera is praised by photographers, is selected over seven other digital cameras as the most important camera of the year with 55% majority of vote.

The PENTAX K-7 has won the Adorama Learning Center Readers’ Choice Camera 2009 award after two weeks of online voting. The results were announced on Adorama Camera’s TechTock Blog this morning. (

Over 2,700 photographers responded to a call to vote for the one digital camera they felt was the most important camera of the year ( 1,524 voted for the PENTAX K-7—a small, water-resistant digital SLR camera that was the first DSLR to offer internal High Dynamic Range when it was introduced earlier this year.  The K-7 is also known for faster image processing, lower noise, a built-in level to keep horizons straight, internal lens correction software, and an advanced metering system.  Many of these features can be found on other cameras, but they all cost considerably more than the approximately $1,200 K-7.

 “Each camera that was in contention was outstanding, even revolutionary, in its own way,” notes Adorama Learning Center editor Mason Resnick. “The common thread among reader comments is that they voted for the K-7 because of its size, weight, features, compatibility with every K-mount lens Pentax has made, and the fact that offers so many cutting edge capabilities at such a low price.”

“2009 has been an amazing year for digital cameras,” Resnick adds. “There was an impressive number of innovations, from breakthroughs in low-light camera performance to the introduction of the world’s smallest 35mm-sized sensor camera to the ability to capture videos at 1,000 fps in a camera smaller than a deck of playing cards. A new generation of ultra-compact cameras with interchangeable lenses appeared, and high definition video in still cameras has become much more affordable. The PENTAX K-7 embodies this innovative trend.”

Full poll results, along with extensive reader comments, can be found at the Adorama Learning Center’s Tech Tock Blog ( The Reader’s Choice 2009 is the first such poll created by the editors, and is expected to be an annual blog feature.

Jack Howard, Director of New & Social Media, Adorama Camera, adds: “there are many fine awards and recognitions outstanding cameras and camera accessories may be awarded from the editorial staff of magazines and websites, or the board of directors of trade groups each year. But not too many of these awards take into account the voices and opinions of the end users–photographers, both amateur and pro, who have a deep and honest passion for great gear and great photography. With the Reader’s Choice Camera 2009, fans, friends, and followers of the Adorama Learning Center were given the opportunity to have their say and have it count.”

Adorama Camera is one of the top camera retailers in the United States and the Learning Center (, which is hosted on the Adorama web site, is a free online photo magazine with hundreds of how-to articles, product reviews and picture-taking ideas for everyone from snapshooters to professional photographers. The Learning Center includes daily-updated news from the world of photography as well as the TechTock blog and podcast interviews with today’s top photographers (

An online photo magazine at a retail web site?

The Adorama Learning Center is the choice destination for photographers at all levels of experience who want to improve their picture-taking and image-editing skills. The Learning Center has posted hundreds of how-to photography articles, buying guides and picture-selling advice, as well as daily breaking news about the photography industry, written by a team of top photography experts.

Why would Adorama, a well-respected New York-based camera retailer, publish what is essentially an online photo magazine? For the same reason it has also partnered with the Perfect Picture School of Photography ( to offer online photography courses, and why it offers dozens of live workshops for photographers on location in its store in New York’s Photo District that have been attended by hundreds of enthusiastic students: "We believe the more information and knowledge we can provide, the more people will trust Adorama both as a reliable and trusted information source and as a place where they can feel comfortable buying their photographic gear," says Resnick.


For questions, contact Jack Howard at or Mason Resnick at